Conservation Builders



(L-R) Brian, Doug, Bernard


This is a small family business that celebrates its 14 year anniversary in 2018. Our aim is to provide private clients with a first class personal service. Our Services are threefold:

Repair and Maintenance Work - We repair old buildings using only traditional building materials and have an expertise in the use of lime for mortar repointing and rendering. We specialise in repairs to cob, brick, flint and stone walls. 

Old Property Consultation and Advice - We can help you with your repair problems by offering consultation and provide advice on conservation issues

Building Projects - We carry out traditional building works to older, often listed properties from small extensions to full house refurbishments. 

Past projects have included the repair of an historic cob walled garden in Salisbury. The property is grade 2 listed. This was a chalk cob wall and the repair techniques we used were covered by Marianne Suhr of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) in her television programme ‘Project Restoration’. Another project, again a grade 2 listed building, is a classic Wiltshire brick, flint and chalk house. This needed repair to both gables, replacement bricks and chalk and repointing with lime mortar rather than cement.

Being a small business means you get us; as consultants, as project managers and as craftsmen working on your project. 

I am delighted to welcome my son Bernard to the business. He comes with a background in Civil Engineering, construction project management and renewable energy. Bernard is not only learning all I can teach him but is also going through the Professional Development Diploma in Building Conservation, at West Dean College, Chichester, in collaboration with English Heritage.

Do have a look at our Case Studies where you will find examples of our work. Do Contact Us if you think we can help. 

We work in Wiltshire and the neighbouring counties.