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Old Property Consultation and Advice

Whether you are in the process of purchasing an old house or have concerns with your current property we offer a consultancy service to advise you. Usually we will visit the property with you, carry out an inspection and then sit down to discuss and explain what we have seen. 

Inevitably with older houses, there is an ongoing maintenance requirement that if left, could lead to further deterioration. Often, previous attempts at maintenance have been carried out in good faith but with incompatible materials. Using our skills and experience we can provide you with practical recommendations on any remedial works where required.  

Moisture and damp are, more often than not, the issue of most concern. However houses without damp proof membranes, waterproof renders and impermeable roof coverings have stood the test of time and need not cause alarm if properly maintained. We understand the designs of older properties well and are able to explain these to you during our visit, enabling you to objectively look after the property.  

We have working knowledge of planning and listed building issues and we have good relationships with local officers. We can therefore provide guidance on the requirement of permissions relating to any potential work. 

We also understand the need to improve the energy performance of older buildings. We are able to advise on materials and techniques that are compatible with older properties that will not compromise the original building. Where your project plans to improve the heating or electrical generation through renewable energy, Bernard also can bring considerable expertise, having run a sizeable renewable business in the recent past. Whether you are considering the introduction of heat pumps, biomass boilers or solar thermal panels, we can advise on both the financial and more importantly the practical considerations that relate to older properties. 

If you would like to engage us to carry out a visit, please do get in touch - CONTACT US