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Lime Rendering

We are lime render specialists, with particular experience in lime rendering cob and brick walls. We will carry out all works related to re-rendering in lime, including the removal of existing renders, repairing the substructure and painting or limewashing.

As rendering is external we are governed by the weather and temperature. This means that rendering in lime can only be carried out during the frost free months between May and September. 

As with all old buildings and structures, breathability is key. This means allowing moisture to freely exit from the building material. In the recent past, this key understanding was forgotten which has resulted in many old buildings and walls suffering the effects of increased moisture levels. This is often a consequence of using impermeable cement renders, coupled with modern barrier masonry paints.

Our work often involves carefully removing and replacing cement renders with lime render. We take care to remove existing renders to minimise the damage to the substrate. Often this can uncover further issues, perhaps rotten timber lintels, poor cob or masonry repairs. We have the skills to carry out these repairs and once complete, we can proceed with the lime rendering. 

Our renders are usually two or three coats of lime, depending on what is most appropriate. Each render coat is placed, covered and left to dry for a period of time before the next coat. Our top coats can be finished in a number of different ways, whether it is a formal elevation with faux ashlar markings or a soft rounded cob cottage lime render. Whatever the requirement, we take pride in the final appearance and will detail the render accordingly. 

Lime render can be left unfinished, but traditionally lime render was limewashed. More recently, breathable silicate paints are an option instead of limewash. Depending on the circumstances we can advise on which is best and apply accordingly. 

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